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The Craziest Hippie Festival in the Jungle

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Not satisfied with the traditional festival mission of getting off your nut, there is a new wave of event which claims to transform your body and soul. VICE's Amelia Dimoldenberg is invited deep into the jungles of Costa Rica to attend Envision Festival, on a quest to rid herself of her chronic awkwardness and open her third eye through bitcoin conferences, Buddhist drum circles and vaginal eggs. WATCH NEXT: VICE sat down with experts studying super rats to hear how the rodents got so strong, and what can be done to get them under control - https://vice.video/2kiAwyl Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (6410)
VICE (8 months ago)
WATCH NEXT: VICE sat down with experts studying super rats to hear how the rodents got so strong, and what can be done to get them under control - https://vice.video/2kiAwyl
Santoni Geek (3 days ago)
sex alcohol party freedom and repeat thats what i see
shred the gnar. (1 month ago)
She sucked.
buwar87 (1 month ago)
+First Last she is dark as fck mate
subhash shekhar (2 months ago)
Vice why aren’t you replying about the reporter you picked for this???
Shawn McGlynn (2 months ago)
lousy journalist for this! she's awful
Wes Ferguson (7 hours ago)
And you wonder why vice is going under
Mahir Sudad (12 hours ago)
I wish the host was more open-minded and less condescending.
Zach Leazott (14 hours ago)
What in the wook
hof hoffi (1 day ago)
Vice is advocating vice hippism and satanism
Sooraj Mechery (1 day ago)
Poor narration and lack of interest from the host destroys this possibly interesting video. And I feel sad that I fell for the click-bait like video title. Did not expect this from VICE.
Its Jbunny (1 day ago)
so she hated it ?
Bushify13 (1 day ago)
15:27 You don't say lol
Maddog DaDog (2 days ago)
A bit like Woodstock New York in 1969! Where a resident of that community said there are 14 year old girls up there laying on their back, smoking marijuana having sex smiling and enjoying it this was an interview on ABC news 5 PM. It would be interesting to see the ladies open up insert the vibrating jade egg inside a vagina. Smile and enjoy it. However there is the Vietnam war now somebody is back home in Woodstock New York taking out the fucking garbage! Fuck this shit!
jside (2 days ago)
I get Vice likes to take akward people and stick them in wild situations that i guess is supposed to be humorous,but this was lame.Reality show bs instead of actual journalism or documentary.Viva Envision!
sam warren (2 days ago)
Hippy fest where everyone's trying to out hippy one another.
ivyshaolin (2 days ago)
she annoyed the shit out of me just be in the moment. smoke some weed about it. like the face she was making at the gatekeeper he didn’t even say anything crazy to be honest. you can tell she was worried about fitting in but it didn’t matter what she was wearing.
Unbelieveable (2 days ago)
I literally watched 3 minutes and I am already tired of this journalist. They absolutely picked the wrong person to go to such a festival...
jasonemryss (2 days ago)
Amelia is painful to listen to & awkward to watch. She looks like a fish out of water
aruytpadyugf (3 days ago)
WOW this girl lacks a personality and confidence
Mikee Richiro (3 days ago)
this is so hard for me too watch because of her. She’s not even opening herself, not letting herself be in that moment. You should’ve sent a different person, more alive i guess.
Dakota Kemp (3 days ago)
She had to sage that negative shit.
White (3 days ago)
She is really boring to watch
richard kovanda (4 days ago)
Great UK export atempting to screw festival atmosphere up rofl she's fenomenal moron, or excellent actress
Anthony London (5 days ago)
Think the comments below have missed the whole irony/humour behind this particular interviewer. We ( the UK ) relies on such prim joyless Miss's to keep our capitalist economy going.
lunaticz0r (5 days ago)
This had to be the worst fucking person to choose for such an open minded festival... wtf! She said it herself : shes missing the point the whole time. Even when she realised it in some voice over, she still had the same dead look in her eyes as if she did not at all, enjoy her stay...
DrMario Pepper (5 days ago)
Cape Crusader (6 days ago)
*okay* *that's* *not* *yoga* !!!
thelocustemperor (6 days ago)
Wouldn't it be easier if everyone was on acid? It kinda reminds me of high school, everyone looks really horny but chances are nobody get's laid...
Thinkaboutit (6 days ago)
A lost soul.
Pedro D Flowers (6 days ago)
She is boring! Just because she is British Vice gave her a chance!
JB flow (6 days ago)
now it looks like the festival and this reporter are complete shit...... what was the intention here?
JB flow (6 days ago)
vice fire her.... I am open for a new job oppotunity by the way
Gaeoal Murdo (7 days ago)
Oh no, not these people again!
Thomas Timmons (7 days ago)
She basically acted like a dead fish thw whole time. Why send someone like this to envision?
entropyandme (8 days ago)
Hippies are the ultimate bullshit artists. They just never, ever, ever, run out of crazy shit. They also smack to me of a bad joke, because underlying all of their horseshit is rampant capitalism and an inescapable sense of contrivance
It's hilarious how she claims to have deeply undersantood this festival and the only thing she has to show for it is playing the flute. I'm not judging from her city background or anything, hell i live in a conglomerate as well, but that isn't an excuse for being straight up rude to something you don't understand and automatically disconsider through the use of sarcasm. It just proves how unimaginably biased and incredibly narrow minded she is, and she is a "journalist". People at Vice have a great hiring process, they choose only what represents their utterly dull wannabe 'cool' and 'hip' media source. I'm surprised how people actually suck up to your bullshit.
A.J Jalal (8 days ago)
White people
Ming Ballard (8 days ago)
The yoga scene at around 4:25 seems like it would smell of stinky buttholes permeating the air.
Alyss In Wonderland (8 days ago)
Wish i could go to something like this... send me instead of this miserable reporter 😩😂
Mark Seven (9 days ago)
I like this woman’s low key humor throughout the piece.
james watson (9 days ago)
when did it become a prerequisite for these vice journos to be smug uncultured yuppy! bloody hell ill come work for you for free just as long as you cover my travel expenses.
Mya Farquharson (10 days ago)
Chicken shop dates 😂😂
Akira (10 days ago)
anti deodorant festival
tongeret people (10 days ago)
you took the wrong person, she didn't enjoy.
Mr Splitfoot (11 days ago)
So it's a posh rainbow gathering?
Taryn Manastersky (11 days ago)
What a buzz kill
katchafire33 (12 days ago)
Go back to Grey Britain,,,
Reptileguy 112 (13 days ago)
She doesn't seem open minded
Phoebe (13 days ago)
this girl is so negative
Jacob Nemeth (14 days ago)
This is the only vice documentary I don't like because of the journalist.
Adriano Bulla (14 days ago)
At times I find ger cynical.
Agentxphile (15 days ago)
I thought the journalist was the perfect choice lol :)
Peter Benedetti (15 days ago)
Keep this girl to reviewing books and whatever english ppl do cuz she sux
realme rara (16 days ago)
This is just a paradigm created by a mind in a fantastic world which doesn't exist. Truly the human mind and consciousness can play so many tricks on you.
Elijah (16 days ago)
shes too ugly to be this way
jhonny joint (16 days ago)
God damm happie's
bigpappahemi426 (17 days ago)
A bunch of stinky hippies. Looks like some REAL fun!
TheMathewpatel (18 days ago)
She is virgin. Maybe thats why..
Mark Lumley (18 days ago)
That place reminds me of footage I've seen of different mental institutions from the first half of the 20th century. This video alone would be enough to convince most judges that these people need professional psychiatric help.
alyssa henry (18 days ago)
bro this looks like so much fun
stick wiffs (18 days ago)
This journalists is the worst
Mirjam Wols (18 days ago)
I do not think she likes it ...
Emily Lopez (18 days ago)
This poor girl
Aleksey Novykov (19 days ago)
what a mean boring journalist....
lynnrobski1 (19 days ago)
this is a perfect target for a nice big thermobaric missile
Ikenna Okonkwo (19 days ago)
there are still there same song.. really killed me
Turcu Cezar (19 days ago)
Angela from The Office goes to a hippie fest
PN Craft (1 day ago)
Lmao....Angela actually has more depth to her than this chick
Stailey Styles (19 days ago)
Im secretly proud that the MAJI has a shirt on that says Florida! #iMAGINNATION
Natalia (21 days ago)
In the beginning she is hugging my friend Simón, who is one of the sweetest people I know. We make music together and have beautiful conversations! I'm not a fan of the biased and melodramatic "reporting" in this vice documentary. I'll be at Envision this year, if only I had a camera crew so I could make a more accurate documentary. I know it's aimed toward satire, but it also seems blatantly disrespectful and paints a very narrow picture based on preconceived notions.
jellabunny (21 days ago)
All these judgmental comments about her judgement 🙃 All these people being critical of her experience. She went as herself, why send another wu-wu faux hippy? She is herself and her spiritual experience might look completely different then yours.
Amina Jie Sam Foek (21 days ago)
Sad for all the hate on the girl... but tottally agree.. had to stop watching when she was being hugged en she was being weird about it... if you find unexpected hugs or hugs in general weird dont go to a rave xp vice pls redo this video
Julia Brol (21 days ago)
Vice, next time send someone more open-minded to document such a marvellous thing.
FuddyDuddy (21 days ago)
I've got no time for these plastic hippies
TheLozeszkur (21 days ago)
It was great. And yes, because of her.. And that was the piont. Seeing reaction of some weird british girl. Not some hippie psytrance goddess.
PerceivetoSuffer (21 days ago)
Who else doesn't have a vagina and is so jealous that you'll never know the true enlightenment of sticking a jade egg in said vagina? There's always that other hole...
Nydaliss (22 days ago)
I fucking Love her. She is so awkward and weirded out, i just can relate too good with her
PierrotBolnezify (22 days ago)
Yeah Transformation.... Transforming beach and jungle to human wastes and junks scrapyard.
Andrew Auffredou (22 days ago)
Couldn't send a more terrible tense person to this place
niddler Shepherd (22 days ago)
She don’t look happy to be there
waldo4133 (22 days ago)
i know who im getting my shit sorted
bu bu (22 days ago)
Shes def not the right host for this event, but I kind of like that she's the british Daria.
Alana Brogan (22 days ago)
I wanna go!
Alana Brogan (22 days ago)
Hippies are some of the nicest people. Id love to be here and hoop/be in nature with no judgement
[email protected] (22 days ago)
The journalist was as unimpressed as i was 😂😂😂
Bob G (23 days ago)
Jesus Christ why'd you send this wet blanket to a party?
Natsinco (23 days ago)
This reporter should be on a story about accounting or infrastructure. I can't stand downer girls.
Death Slut (23 days ago)
Omg I live in CR and never heard of this 😪
Lenny Bruno (23 days ago)
wish someone slipped her drugs and watch the broad go under
Tyler Zachary (23 days ago)
She didn't do good on this one, every situation she was in wasn't for her experience it was for vice. You could tell she didn't care.
Arsalan Yousuf (23 days ago)
Blinded by drugs and alcohol feel sorry for these people.
Damien Esther (24 days ago)
Shes so boring. And complicated.And illiterate
Joe Joe (24 days ago)
She is actually annoying
Sundeep Keramalu (24 days ago)
"Journalist", you are too dumb to be here. Sorry, Envision.
Sean Moore (24 days ago)
You mean to tell me they couldn't find anyone with a pulse to host this documentary!? WTF!
Leo Tchvosky (24 days ago)
This is the most biased racist dumbest journalist ive ever seen. Why is she a journalist. Why was she hired for this experience this makes me so angry.
yamile l (24 days ago)
I wanna GO SO BAD
j00ce 4u (24 days ago)
Im a hippie in the making
leah c (24 days ago)
“Excuse me, is this your banana?”💀
He Man (25 days ago)
She looks completely un professionalism . So sensitive is she tat she shouldn't be here
Du Noharm (25 days ago)
Why pick this journalist??? She ruined what could have been a great story
Izzy Lamola (25 days ago)
this video smells bad
nikki aron (25 days ago)
Criminals use the US dollar mostly hahahhaha
Micheala Kratt (25 days ago)
This festival looks really fun
Myriah Lee (25 days ago)
Her personality is as bright as a burnt out light bulb 🤦🏼‍♀️
draw it (25 days ago)
White people right

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