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Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix

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Text Comments (84576)
Blue coloring (2 hours ago)
Maicon Douglas (4 hours ago)
Eu nem bebo.
Bong kaka89 (5 hours ago)
Vinicius Mares (6 hours ago)
Caio Ferreira (8 hours ago)
eu tenho muita saudade de nós e a única coisa que restou foi esta música
Alan Renault (9 hours ago)
Ce décolleté 😍😍😍
Alan Renault (9 hours ago)
Alan Renault (9 hours ago)
Tro belle
Holt L. (9 hours ago)
I know a girl like this, who puts on a pretty and fun face, but I know she's dying inside, and I want to hug her and tell her I love her for who she is. But I don't because I'm an introvert and I'm living day by day too.
Aleniesa (10 hours ago)
Joel Blanco (10 hours ago)
This is Amazing❤
Soph x (12 hours ago)
I swear this came out more than 4 years ago?! Wow time is trippy
Vaea Moore (13 hours ago)
songül serbest (14 hours ago)
16 /february/ 2019 ????
Bonberman bonber (14 hours ago)
the littel tripes ...
laura alcantara (16 hours ago)
toda vez que eu escuto essa musica eu fico parecendo drogada sem droga e meus amigos ate se afastam pra n ao passar vergonha kskskskskkskskkskk
Cane Libéro (16 hours ago)
My first love (?) And failure
Vaea Moore (16 hours ago)
K. V (17 hours ago)
Wooooooow ♥️🇧🇷 SALVE BRASIL
LazyLiam (17 hours ago)
I am curious how she got through a night without the selfie stick snapping during those nights out
my self (15 hours ago)
It's 1 night out, It's a remix but still a better version.
Chrisna Oelofse (17 hours ago)
She couldn’t even put hippy sabotage remix in the youtube license
Luen (17 hours ago)
This is the long I get drunk over an ex too.
•The Player• (18 hours ago)
Carlotta 00 (19 hours ago)
so sad
Potiex (19 hours ago)
Best Remix In The World
Anan Tv (20 hours ago)
Selehattin Aleyküm
Gabriela Machado (22 hours ago)
Me passem essa música pls, number: 21966032120
I used to party like this. It's weird how you miss it but it was the worst time in my life. I was addicted to doing drugs but the fun times are what I remember. This song reminds me that that bad times happened much more.
almichan (1 day ago)
Who is the guy with the long hair and tattos?
K-town C (1 day ago)
K so killz it ?!?!?
Kreutz (1 day ago)
This destroys the original song.
Jeremih Delcid (1 day ago)
14 de febrero 2019.. fumando hierva . Stay..
Torhu (1 day ago)
If You Want TRUE LOVE , You Have To GIVE , IT , FIRST
Marcus Vinícius (1 day ago)
well, now i know why this version is more popular than the original one. It just feels better when you're high/drunk
Payge (1 day ago)
Does anyone know how they filmed this
Salvatore Raia (1 day ago)
Stay Angry, Stay Animals! #Anima
pointblankky (1 day ago)
That guy ate her face 😂
OKLAMPO DERUMA (1 day ago)
tove lo has the big gay
Rob Perry (1 day ago)
The ghost we long for is lost, now we occupy ourselves while we wait for death.
Kyle Spivak (1 day ago)
why do i love this video so much?
Marcelino Rodrigues (1 day ago)
Quem veio pelo vídeo do Bojack da like ❤
Marco Bassano (1 day ago)
Marco Bassano (1 day ago)
Gokul dev (1 day ago)
Stay High 2019....🤘 PeAcE
Paulo Fernandes (1 day ago)
This video remind the "Smack my Bitch Up" video from Prodigy in the other perpesctive
songül serbest (1 day ago)
2019? I m sorry for u /February
Lily Mae (2 days ago)
1.25 speed thank me
M M (2 days ago)
2024? Yeah, I know I'll be listening to this song that far into the future. Say I won't!
Magdalena Piszczek (2 days ago)
Bardzo fajna muzyka Very good music Muy bien musjca Gut musiken
Austin Welch (2 days ago)
I'll take another shot..
Daan penders (2 days ago)
Donte (2 days ago)
Day before Valentine’s Day worthy
Muhammed Isman (2 days ago)
here my list for you: 1. creep by radiohead 2. stay high by tove lo 3. when the party's over by billie eilish
This times are gone for Europe . This was Europe . This was beauty . Now it is all full of itch mange blacks and murish africans trying to pull , rape , or mix with our women to improve their race.
marcos hernandez (2 days ago)
Tienes que estar high para estar viendo esto.!
Ard Oweedski (2 days ago)
Scandinavian Backslash 1 4
Nice music 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏..........💯💯💯💯💯💯📲📲📲📲📲📲📲
chuckey 225 (2 days ago)
beste leben
Hλpp iness (2 days ago)
-Two Thousand Eighteen- _Two Thousand Nineteen!!???_ 💟💟💚💛💜💕💖💖💝
Jhonnattan Eilish (3 days ago)
2019 Brasil 👌
Zanik Loko (3 days ago)
Michael Ko (3 days ago)
Valentine day is coming and this’ll be me trying to fulfill the emptiness in my mind and realized nothing is fulfilled but I’ll still be doing it again and again... how sad
RyuClow82 (3 days ago)
Directed by Darren Aronofsky
Gemadin (3 days ago)
V Oneal (3 days ago)
All the time (
adolfo santiago rojas (3 days ago)
high STAY = High ALOne "2019Hig" xD
mr (3 days ago)
Love kills
Hej jestem Meghan (3 days ago)
Hej jestem Meghan (3 days ago)
I like this song!
56 98 (3 days ago)
it be like that
Nguyen Minh Phuong (3 days ago)
Södermalmstorg?? Wait this was filmed in Sweden? U kiddingg
Lisa Haydon (3 days ago)
Where is my marijuana ?
Guido Salducci (3 days ago)
Pandora playlist brought me here
Nana V (3 days ago)
This video really captures how I felt last weekend
Eric Shea (3 days ago)
Reminds me of getting through college. The most fun I never want to have again.
illusioner01 (3 days ago)
eisai megalo tovlo
Leah Rowden (3 days ago)
rafael matias (3 days ago)
Uhuuu stay high uhuu 🤤
Guess What (3 days ago)
I'm from 3019 like if you are with me.
Andrew House (3 days ago)
I feel sad for this girl.
Simply Dope (4 days ago)
February 12 ?
Francesca Granados (4 days ago)
Dustin Hanlin (4 days ago)
Molly brought me here
Nongnapat Jandee (4 days ago)
Ig: nongnapat_jd ❤️🎏🇰🇷🤟🏻
Otavio Silva (4 days ago)
Hello Bitch (4 days ago)
Amo essa música me traz paz e medo ao mesmo tempo ❤️
Baixinha na área (4 days ago)
CloTekz (4 days ago)
this makes miss my ex which i dont have lmaoo ;(
YoU LtU (4 days ago)
Glace Eisbecher (4 days ago)
Très jolie chanson " mixée"
Крина __ (5 days ago)
who is listening this again and again ?
Alice Abernathy (5 days ago)
This Song Reminds Me Of Alot
Bartek Kajdasz (5 days ago)
Film by sie przydał
Jantilitutkum (5 days ago)
everything is blue (5 days ago)
I was just 16 when this came out... and now I'm 21, so sad 🙁
everything is blue (1 day ago)
+Ferdinan Ndo same!
Ferdinan Ndo (1 day ago)
everything is blue Omg, i am 20 now, i still remember moments with this song, good and bad moments
GregJoshuaW (5 days ago)
Actually makes me sad to see people in so much pain...
Turn me on Deadman (5 days ago)
Doing coke and getting drunk
Raj Sonkar (5 days ago)
My Goosebump 😞

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