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Using Paypal to pay for apps and games at the Windows Phone Store

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Did you know you can use your Paypal account to pay for apps and games at the Windows phone Store? I just learned that today. This is a new feature for Windows Phone 8 and is handy for those who can't use the default carrier billing or don't want to use a credit card. It takes less than a minute to set up. Learned something new today? Please click that LIKE button! BLOG http://thenokiablog.com FANS http://facebook.com/thenokiablog
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KULDIP KUILA (1 year ago)
Please make in debit card in Microsoft
V8Supercar1 (2 years ago)
Okay. Just in case anyone is wondering. The way you get this to work is, you have to first got to account.microsoft.com, click on payments and billing, then payment options, then you proceed there to add paypal as an option to your microsoft account. After you do that, then you can go on your phone and then you will find paypal as an option in your windows phone wallet app.
comedyman112 (4 years ago)
I live in Romania, Europe....so when i try to buy something it asks me for US State + Postal Code . I have my location set to Romania, why does it still ask me for State ? (showing a drop-down list of us states)
Tet Pr (5 years ago)
Can you make it so that it asks you for a password before buying? I dont find this very secure in case u lose ur phone or whatever.
Brayan Johnes (5 years ago)
Something similar for windows 7.8 ???
aleba (5 years ago)
This is exclusive to WP8 right? Since I don't have the option on my WP 7.8 Lumia 900
DisTruKt100 (5 years ago)
I cant find the fucking option to buy apps and games with my phone credit, its fucking retarded
Defirsta Epynoya (5 years ago)
thanks for the info, it's something new for me too.. just realized that we need to install paypal application so the paypal option show up in wallet..
Kristiyan Georgiev (5 years ago)
I dont have any credit card how can i setup a paypal account to the phone and in the beginning i made windows live acc then i forget its email pass and how to delete this main acc on my windows phone (nokia lumia 610)
Billy GR (5 years ago)
it doesn't work on my lumia 900, what should i do?
TheSlushymonster (5 years ago)
Is there any way of using phone credit to buy apps?
Leo Germany (6 years ago)
Please fix your camera ! Its washed out most the times
Leo Germany (6 years ago)
That's nice , Its very safe and secure you dont want to save your Credit Cards in your phone ! Not safe
Andy Martinez (6 years ago)
In Mexico and the rest of Latin America you can even pay with the minutes you buy, like the itunes cards
busilica123 (6 years ago)
Clearly its "Paypal" ...
busilica123 (6 years ago)
There is Paypal app for WP7. Change region to US and you will have it :)
vikke (6 years ago)
huh some reason doesn't work on my 920 or is there something you have to do before this?
zeighy (6 years ago)
I wish android had this option....
Sri Ram Vishnu (6 years ago)
temme how is camerapro..... i will b glad if yo give me a review of it.......
Nick (6 years ago)
I've been doing this. Very easy to do.

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